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Excavator Attachments

Outstanding Advantages
Our professional technicians make use of high quality steel and advanced processing instruments to realize delicate excavator attachments. The main processing procedures include cutting, forming, welding, painting and more. If you have some special requirements, please contact us. We will customize attachments in accordance to your actual demands.

    1. Excavator bucket
      Wide application of this bucket is found for soil loading, building demolition and land leveling.
    1. Excavator grapple
      The 360°rotary grapple is one appropriate choice for collecting and placing of woods, timbers, sugarcanes and bamboos. With the help of this excavator grapple, the working time and labor cost has been greatly decreased.
    1. Excavator breaker
      Theexcavator breaker is usually applied for mining breaking, road patching, municipal engineering, building demolition, etc.
    1. Dozer blade
      Our useful dozer blade not only plays a good role in ground leveling and backfilling, but also works as a support of the excavator. It increases the ability of excavator to cross obstacles and the working stability. There are two positions to install this blade: front or back of the excavator.
    1. Stabilizer leg
      Stabilizer leg is installed on the back of wheel excavator for increasing support of the machine, thus improving the working efficiency.

Jingli is an excavator manufacturer, offering wheeled excavators, crawler excavators as well as a lot of excavator attachments, like excavator bucket, excavator grapple, excavator breaker, dozer blade, stabilizer leg, etc. We also produce wheel loaders, rock drilling machines, grapple wheel loaders, sugarcane harvesters, and other construction machinery and agricultural machinery.

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