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Wheel Excavator

Currently, we are able to provide five types of wheel excavators. Each of them has outstanding properties and is designed to meet different requirements of various construction projects. In comparison to crawler excavator, wheel excavator is featured by easy to move. Unlike crawler excavators, wheel excavator doesn't require trailer for loading and unloading.

JG65S Wheel Excavator

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Wheel excavator JG65S is the first one that we successfully designed and developed...

JG75S Wheel Excavator

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Equipped with high quality engine and steel, JG75S wheel excavator provides a compact design and outstanding properties...

JG80S Wheel Excavator

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Our JG80S wheel excavator is installed with a variable displacement piston pump and a hydraulic system...

JG100S Wheel Excavator

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For JG100S wheel excavator, a weight of 8 tons ensures high stability. ..

JG130S Wheel Excavator

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When it comes to JG130S wheel excavator, we bring in three core components from South Korea, rotary motor...

Crawler Excavator

As for crawler excavator, we are able to provide you with 6 different kinds of crawler excavators, i.e. JG08L, JG18L, JG65L, JG75L, JG95L and JG150L. Compared to wheel excavator, tracked excavator possesses a better adaptability to terrible working environments, obstacles and more. It also shows flexible operation, good turning ability and great gradeability of 70%/35°.

JG08L Crawler Excavator

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Crawler excavator JG08L features small seize and flexible movement. It has been extensively used for ditching, farming...

JG18L Crawler Excavator

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As for our JG18L crawler excavator, it has attractive features as follows: small size, light weight, low fuel consumption...

JG65L Crawler Excavator

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As one of the earliest designed and developed excavators in our company, JG65L tracked excavator provides comprehensive and mature techniques...

JG75L Crawler Excavator

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The imported plunger pump, distribution valve and walking motor provide a strong guarantee of high reliability and...

JG95L Crawler Excavator

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We also brought in rotary motor, multi-tandem valve, plunger pump and dual-speed walking motor from South Korea...

JG150L Crawler Excavator

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To date, JG150L crawler excavator is the largest scale machine that we offer. It has a weight of 13,500 kg and ...

Wheel Loader

We have totally designed four kinds of wheel excavators with grapple for different regions or market demands. The grab has a rotary angle of 360 degrees, contributing to easy loading and high working efficiency.

JG90Z Wheel Loader with Grapple Attachment

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The grab has a 360° rotation angle, realizing a significant decrease in loading and unloading time and cost of woods...

JG908Z Wheel Loader Grapple Fork

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Firstly, a hydraulic control system realizes simply easy operation by the application of automatic transmission ...

JG95Z Wheel Loader Grapple Bucket

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Equipped with 65KW turbocharged engine, this type of grapple wheel excavator shows excellent performance in slope...

JG100Z Grapple Wheel Loader

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This kind of wheeled excavator is suitable for the collecting and place of woods and sugarcanes...

Jingli is a construction equipment manufacturer. We produce a vast range of high quality construction machinery, such as wheel excavator, crawler excavator, grapple wheel loader, hydraulic drilling rig, etc. Our excavators are widely applied in transportation, municipal engineering, landscaping, gardening, water conservation and agriculture, as well as other industries and fields for engineering and construction. Agricultural machinery like sugarcane harvester is also available.