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JG18L Crawler Excavator

As for the crawler excavator, it has attractive features as follows: small size, light weight, low fuel consumption, great cold-start and more. The outfitted rubber track not only increases the adaptability and ground holding capacity of this mini excavator, but the ground is protected from harm or damage caused by heavy weight. What's more, the arm provides a left rotary angle of 90°and a right angle of 50°, making the move and turn simply easy. All these properties and advantages contribute to the extensive application of compact crawler excavator in orchards, vegetable greenhouses, farms, etc.

Special Features of Mini-excavator
1. Light weight. A weight of only 0.9 tons means little harm to orchards, farms, etc.
2. The arm is rotary, providing no construction difficulties in narrow places.
3. A adopted rubber track ensures a direct walking on the ground, at little noise and low fuel consumption.

Major Parts of Mini Crawler Excavator
    1. Our engine possesses a power of 13.6KW/2200rpm, guaranteeing high working efficiency.
    1. We imported Eaton walking motor from America.
    1. We make good use of rubber track, allowing for excellent ground holding capacity and little harm to the ground.
    1. A rotary arm ensures a flexible and quick movement and operation, greatly reducing the operating time.

Technical parameters of JG18L crawler excavator

Range of operation
Boom length 1735mm
Arm length 815mm
Maximum digging reach 3800mm
Maximum digging depth 1900mm
Maximum digging height 3335mm
Maximum dumping height 2165mm
Gyration radius 940mm
Length*width*height 2800*1000*2080mm
Wheelbase 750mm
Mini ground clearance 115mm
Tech performance and specification
Machine weight 900kg
Rated power 13.6KW/19KW
Volume of bucket 0.022m3
Working pressure of hydraulic system 16Mpa
Slewing speed 15rpm
High speed/low speed 0~2km/h
Max digging force of bucket 9.6KN
Max digging force of arm 8.5KN
Ground pressure 2.3Kpa
Grade climbing ability < 30°

Jingli is crawler excavator manufacturer. Our tracked excavators are extensive applied in transportation, municipal engineering, gardening, landscaping, etc. We also offer wheeled excavators, grapple wheel loaders, hydraulic drillling rigs and other construction machinery. Agricultural machinery, such as sugarcane harvester, is also available.

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