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Developmental Milestones

In 2006, our company was founded in Quanzhou and occupies an area of 6,680 m2 for manufacturing and producing wheel excavators. At that time, we were outfitted with 128 highly trained workers and realized an annual production of 1,500 units.

In 2009, in accordance with practical survey and customers’ feedback, we successfully launched JG90Z and JG95Z excavators, mainly for the loading and unloading of woods, timbers, sugarcanes and more. With the assistance of our products, the working efficiency and workers’ safety had been greatly improved. What’s more, our high quality excavators were also reported in the local newspaper, which brought us many customers and clients.

In 2011, we built a cooperative relationship with Wuxuan County of Guangxi province and provided their farmers with 50 excavators.

In 2013, in the leadership of our general manager, Zeng Huashan, we managed to develop series of new products and won 16 utility model patents, like JG608C single-drive excavator, wheel excavator, etc. Quanzhou Evening Paper reported this event and Mr. Zeng won the title of Leader in Scientific and Technological Innovation of Quanzhou.

In 2014, we participated in Shanghai BMW Exhibition and received a vast number of orders, with a total value of over 1 million. Through the exhibition, we had a further communication with our counterparts and a comprehensive understanding of market trend, which had a great meaning for our next-step business strategy.

In the same year, our excavators were also certificated by ISO9001: 2008 International Quality System, demonstrating high safety and reliability of our products.

In Sep 14th, 2015, our Indian clients Shanker and Sankhla came to our company and had a close inspection and full knowledge of our hydraulic rock drilling machine. After an all-around tour of our company and detailed introduction of product functions and properties, they gladly signed an order with us.

Our new product sugarcane harvester appeared on the 12th ASEAN Expo in Guangxi and drew lots of attention and interests. It's an important step for our successful entry into the southeastern Asian market.

In the same year, because of the good quality and reasonable price, our excavators received favorable acclaims in the market. We enlarged our manufacturing facilities and built a few factories to meet the mass customers’ demands.

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