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Product Application

Construction equipment manufactured by our company has been extensively applied in site preparation and municipal transportation thanks to good bearing capacity and high working efficiency. A great number of customers have turned to us for various construction projects.

Especially designed for precious grabbing and placing of bricks, the brick loading machine greatly raises the loading efficiency and avoids potential injuries. Additionally, the grab bucket is able to 360 degree rotate.

The crusher is most often used for secondary breaking of rocks. Generally, it is fixed on concrete piles to ensure high stability and working efficiency.

Featured by reliable performance and high security, this mining excavator plays a vital role in cleaning mineral residues and slags.

This drilling machine is frequently applied for plant drilling.

The grabbing device is developed for precious grabbing and placing, often utilized in railway construction, dam building and rock loading. Additionally, the grabbing bucket is capable to 360 degree rotate.

Produced for collecting and loading scrap metals, this collecting machine ensures both high efficiency and low personal injuries.

This excavator is outfitted with a cotton grab, usually used for cotton loading and unloading. It gains a significant market share in Xinjiang and some Central Asian countries and regions, thanks to high loading efficiency.

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