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Hydraulic Drilling Rig

Application of Rock Drilling Machine
The hydraulic top hammer drill rig is able to work under extreme environments, with a working temperature range from -40℃ to 40℃. It’s most often used for drilling and breaking in fields and places like, mines, fire-fighting, geological exploration, road construction, rock collecting, national defense, to name a few.

Hydraulic drilling rig provided by our company is widely applied for the drilling and cutting of a wide range of rocks, such as marbles, granites, sandstones and limestones. This machine possesses these following advantages:
1. A fast drilling speed significantly enhances the working efficiency.
2. A special structure guarantees the drilling precision, avoids material waste and saves construction cost.
3. This drilling machine also shows high stability and interference resistance.
4. A dust collecting system provides a clean and eco-friendly working environment.

  • The drilling range
  • The drilling range
  • Rock drill rig
  • Air compressor

Jingli is a hydraulic drilling rig manufacturer. We offer a variety of construction equipment and agricultural machines, including rock drilling machine, wheel excavator, wheel loader, crawler excavator, as well as sugarcane harvester. These machines are widely applied in transportation, municipal engineering, landscaping, gardening, agriculture, water conservation, and so forth.

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