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Sugarcane Harvester

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Shown here is our high efficient sugarcane harvester.

This agricultural harvester enjoys reasonable design and easy operation, and is specially manufactured for harvesting sugarcanes of a large area. The sugarcane harvester significantly saves time and energy since it's an ideal combinaton of cutting, peeling and collecting.

With the assitance of an automatic frequency conversion system, the harvester not only ensures effective peeling, but damages to sugarcanes while cutting are also avoided.

This sugarcane harvesting machine also collects and places sugarcanes in an orderly manner.

In order to resolve the jamming problem, an intelligent transferring channel is designed, which transfers sugarcanes effectively.

This machine, especially designed for the harvesting of sugarcanes, is featured by compact design, small size and easy operation. The sugarcane harvester cuts and collects sugarcanes in a high efficient fashion. What's more, it achieves perfect cutting and does no harm to the sugarcanes of neighboring row, ensuring little crops loss and high germination rate of next year. Generally, it works on sugar fields with a spacing of 0.9-1.3m and the expected collecting speed is 10-15 tons per hour.

JINGGONG harvester realizes a max speed of 5km/h due to the high efficient engine which provides a power of 95.6KW and is equipped with 4-cylinder turbo and cooling device. Meanwhile, the 190L fuel tank also ensures a continuous and stable working for as long as 8 hours. What's more, the transmission and harvesting are controlled by a hydraulic system, greatly increasing the stability and reliability. The machine weighs less than 6 tons and has little hurting to the ground.

Outstanding Properties
1. This machine achieves quick and fast cutting of sugarcanes.
2. The sugarcane harvester collects the cut sugarcanes in an orderly manner.
3. Leaves on the sugarcanes will be cleaned by the harvest.
4. An automatic hydraulic control system provides stable working performance.
5. The intelligent security system effectively avoids damages and accidents resulted from overload.
6. High efficiency and excellent durability has been gained by the leaf peeling brush.

The harvester for sugarcane is extensively utilized for cutting and collecting sugarcanes of a huge area, such as sugarcane fields.

    1. Operating cab
      The capacious and clean operating cab is equipped with a cozy seat and air conditioner, offering a comfortable working environment.

    1. Pilot control device
      The pilot control device is installed with an intelligent monitoring system to know real-time harvesting situation and do proper adjustment.

    1. Control device
      As for the hydraulic control device, easy operation and functional buttons contribute to ideal and high speed sugarcane harvesting.

    1. Adjustable chair
      The adjustable chair is designed in strict accordance with ergonomics, allowing for healthy and cozy experience for operator.

    1. Delivery
      After carrying out the final test, our workers pack the harvester and deliver it to clients in a fast fashion.

    1. The harvest is cutting sugarcanes
      This king of sugarcane harvester is noted for small size, light weight, little harm to soil and easy to turn. A righting device makes sure high working efficiency and low loss of lodging sugarcanes, and brings lots of economic benefits to customers.

Parameters of sugarcane harvester
Engine DongFangHong
Rated power 95.6KW
Rated speed 2200r/min
Operation model GPS, hydraulic guide control
Undercarriage Intelligent automatic rubber crawler
Length*width*height 6000×1900×2800mm
Machine weight 5600kg
Wheelbase 1150mm
Track 1600mm
Productivity 2.9kg/s
Loss rate (%) ≤5
Breakage rate (%) ≤10
Contaminated percentage (%) ≤2-3
Fuel consumption 23L/h
Grade climbing ability ≤18°
Row spacing for harvest ≥900mm
Max walking speed 5km/h
Hydraulic tank capacity 300L
Fuel tank capacity 190L

Jingli is sugarcane harvester manufacturer. This kind of agricultural harvester is designed and produced for cutting and collecting sugarcanes of a large area. In additon to the sugarcane harvesting machine, we also provide crawler excavators, wheeled excavators, wheel loaders, hydraulic drilling rigs, and other construction machinery, which are widely used in municipal engineering, transportation, gardening, landscaping, agriculture and water conservation.

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