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Wheel Loader

We have totally designed four kinds of wheel loader for different regions or market demands. The grab has a rotary angle of 360 degrees, contributing to easy loading and high working efficiency. Wheel excavator with grapple has been widely applied for the loading and unloading of woods, timbers, bamboos and more. Our wheel excavator realizes vast decrease in manpower and loading time. It finds wide market in China and Southeast Asia.

Main Characteristics of Wheeled Excavator

Front & Rear Axles
We independently designed and manufactured front and rear axles with high quality steel and advanced processing techniques, which leads to high strength and excellent bearing capacity of this construction machine.

Imported Components
In order to guarantee product quality, we introduce several important parts from South Korea, such as FluTek hydraulic pump and SUNJIN multi-tandem valve and rotary motor. These advanced and modern instruments contribute to stable and smooth working performance and improve working efficiency.

The in-house developed grab has a 360°rotary angle, ensuring easy grabbing and placing.

Hydraulic Tank & Fuel Tank
One outstanding of the hydraulic tank and fuel tank lies in the huge capacity, allowing for continuous and long-time work.

1. It’s the ideal choice for grabbing and placing work of woods, timbers, sugarcanes, rocks, stones, concrete, etc.
2. Outfitted with proper construction devices, it can also do digging, breaking, bulldozing, earth ramming and pile pulling. It has already found extensive utilization in construction and building projects of roads, railways, bridges, municipal engineering, airports, ports and more.

1. While grabbing heavy objects, please do not operate our excavator on the side of the object to avoid rollover.
2. When disassembling the grab, please release the inner pressure and avoids potential injuries or accidents resulted from high pressure oil spraying.

Jingli is a wheel loader manufacturer. Our wheel loader with grapple is widely applied for loading and unloading work of woods, timbers, sugarcanes, stones, concrete, rocks, etc. We also design and manufacture wheeled excavator, tracked excavator, hydraulic drilling rig and other construction equipment, to better meet the market demands.