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JG150L Crawler Excavator

To date, JG150L crawler excavator is the largest scale machine that we offer. It has a weight of 13,500 kg and a grade climbing capacity of 70%/35°. We introduced rotary motor, multi-tandem valve, dual-speed motor and plunger pump from South Korea to achieve smooth movement, quick reaction and high working efficiency.

Attractive Properties of Mini Crawler Excavator
1. We apply two kinds of engines, YTO 4M3Z-22 engine or Commins 4BTAA3.9-C155 engine. A power of 85KW ensures continuous and stable working for a long time.
2. A gradeability of 70%/35° leads to easy climbing on slopes.
3. 500mm wide track makes it possible for this compact excavator to handle a wide range of complicated working conditions.
4. The bucket has a volume of 0.5m3 and high loading efficiency, leading to the extensive application in many medium-scale construction projects.

Main Configurations of Mini-excavator
    1. There are two kinds of engines for you to choose from: YTO engine (85KW/2200rpm) and Commins engine (85KW/2200rpm).
    1. Shown here is DOOSAN walking motor.
    1. This SUNJIN rotary motor ensures high rotary speed.
    1. Capacious space and wide view are offered by this operating cab. It also makes the operating work easy and simple.
    1. The bucket has a capacity of 0.5m3 and shows good durability.

Technical data of JG150L crawler excavator

Range of operation
Boom length 4200mm
Arm length 2000mm
Maximum digging reach 7200mm
Maximum digging depth 4800mm
Maximum digging force 90KN
Maximum digging height 7180mm
Maximum dumping height 5080mm
Radius of gyration 2300mm
Length*width*height 7500X2460X2920mm
Machine height 2730mm
Wheel base 2850mm
Track gauge 1960mm
Width of crawler 500mm
Width of platform 2460mm
Ground clearance of counterweight 900mm
Mini ground clearance 420mm
Tech performance and specification
Angle of rotation 360°
Machine weight 13500kg
Engine model LRM3Z-22/4BTAA3.9
Rated power 85KW
Rated speed 2200r/min
Working pressure of hydraulic system 26Mpa
Flow of hydraulic system 270L/min
Variable displacement piston pump 2*63ml/r
Max hauling force 76.5KN
Walking speed(high speed/low speed) 5/2.9km/h
Grade climbing ability 70%/35°
Volume of bucket 0.5m3
Overdrive pressure 25Mpa
Slewing time 5.5s
Fuel consumption ≥8L/h
Fuel tank capacity 226L
Hydraulic tank capacity 227L

Jingli is a crawler excavator manufacturer. We provide various construction machinery applied for municipal engineering, transportation, gardening, landscaping, agriculture and water conservation. Our products include tracked excavators, wheel excavators, hydraulic drilling rigs, grapple wheel loaders, sugarcane harvesters, etc.

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