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Wheel Excavator

Currently, we are able to provide five types of wheel excavators. Each of them has outstanding properties and is designed to meet different requirements of various construction projects. In comparison to crawler excavator, wheel excavator is featured by easy to move. Unlike crawler excavators, wheel excavator doesn't require trailer for loading and unloading.

Wheeled excavator produced by our firm has a speed of 35km/h and saves a lot on work time and cost. Considering different actual requirements, we also design a circuit for hydraulic hammer on our excavators. This excavator is also designed to have a climbing capacity of 58%/30°, which can satisfy standards of majority of construction conditions. In addition, the security system effectively ensures the safety of operator. The wheel excavator is also outfitted with landing legs, allowing for a high stability in slope construction.

This excavators are widely applied in these following fields: transportation, municipal engineering, gardening, landscaping, agriculture, water conservation and more.

Outstanding Configurations

Front & Rear Axles
We design and produce front and rear axles from high quality steel material, providing high strength and excellent bearing ability.

Imported Components
In order to guarantee product quality, we introduce several important parts from South Korea, such as FluTek hydraulic pump and SUNJIN multi-tandem valve and rotary motor. These advanced and modern instruments contribute to stable and smooth working performance and improve working efficiency.

Hydraulic Tank & Fuel Tank
One noteworthy feature of the hydraulic tank and fuel tank lies in the huge volume, allowing for continuously and stably working for a long time.

Application of Wheeled Excavator
1. Backhoe excavator designed by our firm is useful and time-saving in the digging and loading of rocks. It also can be used for land leveling, slope grading, hoisting, rock breaking, ditching and so forth. That’s why this wheel excavator is extensively applied in construction projects of highways, railways, bridges, airports and more.
2. Matched with proper device, this multi-functional excavator can also work as the construction equipment of hoisting, breaking, bulldozing, earth ramming, pile pulling, etc.

1. This excavator is only suitable for soils of I-III degree. Please do not apply it under working conditions beyond this range.
2. Each of our wheeled excavators has been well processed and carefully tested for any kind of extreme working environments. However, for the first 100 working hours, please take a careful operation and prevent overweight, avoiding any harm to the potential properties or service life.

Jingli is a wheel excavator manufacturer. Our company offers various construction equipment, including wheeled excavator, crawler excavator, rock drilling machine, wheel loader, and so forth. We also provide sugarcane harvester to satisfy customers' diverse demands.