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JG80S Wheel Excavator

Our JG80S wheel excavator is installed with a variable displacement piston pump and a hydraulic system, greatly improving the working efficiency. One attractive feature of this excavator is that it walks via automatic transmission, greatly decreasing tedious work caused by manual transmission.
The equipped pump also makes the whole operation smooth and easy, achieving a significant improvement in working efficiency. This kind of wheeled excavator has been widely applied in municipal engineering, water conservation, agriculture and forestry.

Major Features
1. Equipped with strong hydraulic engine and automatic transmission, the excavator possesses simple and easy operation.
2. The pump provides huge flow and high pressure, smoothening the entire machine movement.
3. The in-house developed front and rear axles have high strength and long lifespan.
4. Main components and parts are welded by robots, providing high welding quality.
5. This kind of building instrument is designed with a circuit for breaking hammer. It's very convenient and high efficient.
6. We are able to provide OEM service and offer wearing components for our foreign buyers at no charge.

Major Parts of Wheeled Excavator
    1. The engine provides a power of 50KW/2200rpm.
    1. Controlled by automatic transmission, the hydraulic motor makes machine operation easy and convenient.
    1. Smooth and stable working performance has been achieved due to the application of high flow and high pressure pump.
    1. Front and rear axles are patented thanks to stable quality, high strength and long lifespan.
    1. Outfitted with adjustable steering wheel, this operating cab is simply easy to operate.
    1. The bucket has been well designed and processed to improve its durability and bearing capacity.

Technical parameters of JG80S wheel excavator

Range of operation
Boom length 3030mm~3475mm
Arm length 1860mm
Maximum digging reach 6080mm
Maximum digging depth 3380mm
Maximum digging force 45KN
Maximum digging height 6160mm
Maximum dumping height 4000mm~4650mm
Gyration radius 1750mm
Length*width*height 5400*2100*2970mm
Wheelbase 2560mm
Track(front/rear) 1660mm/1580mm
Ground clearance of counterweight 1050mm
Mini ground clearance 220mm
Tech performance and specification
Angle of rotation 360°
Machine weight 6200kg
Engine model YN36GB2/YC4F60Z
Rated power 50KW/43KW
Rated speed 2200r/min
Working pressure of hydraulic system 21Mpa
Flow of hydraulic system 126L/min
Variable displacement piston pump 63ml/r
Max hauling force 45KN
Walking speed 25km/h
Grade climbing ability 58%/30°
Tire model 750.16
Volume of bucket 0.2-0.3m3
Overdrive pressure 16Mpa
Slewing time 5.5s
Fuel consumption ≥4L/h
Fuel tank capacity 130L
Hydraulic tank capacity 110L

Jingli is a wheel loader manufacturer. Our wheeled loader is widely used in municipal engineering, water conservation, agriculture and forestry. Other construction machinery and agricultural machinery, such as tracked excavators, wheel loaders with grapple attachments, hydraulic drilling rigs, and sugarcane harvesters, are also available.

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